The Passover seder turns our attention to Four Children who, to us at TTSP, exemplify four types of learners. Naming learning-diversity in our tradition is a gift and a challenge: Like guests at a seder, students grow and change from year to year, so meeting their evolving needs is just as important as the initial welcome. TTSP relies on our community’s support to offer true hospitality to every guest; and you can help widen our scope through monthly contributions. 

Purpose-made for the wise learner is the substantive yet practical learning at our Hebrew Language and Torah tables. 

For the wicked, we seek connection and relationship as we take joy in their curiosity. A seat at our Mussar table will meet these students perfectly. 

The simple can step into the wonder of Jewish tradition and text by joining any of our drop-in meditation and contemplative classes. 

And the one who does not know how to ask will learn to verbalize questions and curiosities thanks to our low student-teacher ratios, which remove the barrier of going unnoticed. All our classes provide direct access to teachers in a personal setting. 

The Book of Proverbs advises “chanoch lana’ar al pi darko,“ “Train a child according to their way.“ At TTSP, we do this. Investing in TTSP, especially with a recurring gift, ensures that there is always accommodation for every learner. Monthly donations enable our instructors to meet each learner where they are, every time they come to sit at our table.

Thank you for your support and Chag Pesach Sameach!

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