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Adar flyers

The Adar Fairy invites you to spread the Purim cheer with these flyers by posting them on walls, bulletin boards, windows, the doorposts of your house... you get the idea.

We have a menu of choices for your Adar pleasure. The first one is the classic; please print them on colored paper. The rest, thanks to Barry Golob, have color already in the background!

Text on the Hebrew flyer is "mi-she-nich-nas Adar mar-been b'sim-cha" (When Adar enters, we increase in joy).

Thanks in advance for your help spreading the joy of the season. We certainly need to take the time to notice joy and smile when we can. Check out this NPR interview with a person who took on the challenge of writing a daily essay about something that delighted him. When we start with ourselves, the effects can spread outward.

May this Adar bring joy to each of you, to your families, communities, countries, and the world.