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Board of Directors

We thank our Board for their dedication, guidance, and support.

2017 - 2018 Board of Directors 

David Glaser, Co-President

Adi Leviatan, Co-President

Dina Yushkevich, Secretary

Robert Goffman, Immediate Past Co-President

Ben Axelrod

Stuart Bear

Susan Cobin

Peter Glick

Leslie Hahn

Mickey Minsberg

Joshua Olstein

Bonnie Resnick

David Rischall

Tammy Sadoff

Nina Samuels

Elizabeth Seehawer

Royee Vlodaver

Harold Smith, Life Member

Dr. James Smith, Life Member


Ex-Officio Board Members 

Robert Goffman and David Glaser, Immediate Past Co-Presidents (2015-2017)

Stuart Bear, Past President (2012-2015)

Barry Glaser, Past President (2010-2012)

Lisa Cohen, Past President (2008-2010)