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A World of Opportunities

In our program, we seek to nurture the academic, social and spiritual skills needed for our students to live, work, and play in the community. We want our students to see the world from many perspectives and to experience the joy in learning and being part of a nurturing community where they have an important place. Being a small school allows us to be flexible and to be able to take advantage of new experiences when they arise. We can accommodate different learning styles and individualize instruction in order to meet children where they are and help them develop the skills necessary to progress socially, academically and spiritually. 

We emphasize mastery of skills at the appropriate age/grade level for the various subject areas, including: reading, writing, literacy, comprehension, math, science, Hebrew, Torah, media, technology, holidays, social studies, social/emotional development, art, music and physical education. We are mindful of national and local standards and we want to help students grow as thinkers and learners. Students should be able to ask good questions, think critically about issues, gather information carefully, and synthesize their ideas about what they have learned in order to present their results using a variety of tools and methods. Through the exposure to the various skill areas, students will have the opportunity to be creative, gain confidence, problem-solve, persevere, focus, gain independence, and work together as a group to support one another and to learn from one another. 


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