Talmud Torah of St. Paul

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SVARA-Inspired Learning for Elul

Dates: Wednesdays, September 11, 18, & 25; 6:30-9:30 pm

Location: Talmud Torah of St. Paul

Using materials prepared by SVARA, we will learn in chevruta and in whole group, with dictionaries and support materials. We will learn to the point of really knowing a piece of text inside and out. And we will take time to reflect on what this text means to our lives and to this High Holiday season.

We ask that you register for this class and plan to attend all three nights. You can do that here. 

Cost: You can set your own fee for this learning when you register.

Registration: To register, click here!


Handicap Accessibility
Talmud Torah is handicap-accessible.

Talmud Torah has a non-gender-specific bathroom.

Public transportation options come within 3-10 city blocks of Talmud Torah, at intersections such as Snelling Ave/Highland Pkwy (A Line/84) or Hamline Ave/Randolph Ave (74). If you would like help arranging for a ride, please let us know on the registration form.