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For questions about financial accommodation, please email Rabbi Debra Rappaport at debra.rappaport@ttsp.org


June 10 – July 15


7 PM – 8:15 PM CST


Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants who miss those sessions.


If you have difficulty accessing the meetings, or have problems with payment, please contact Sofia Flores for assistance. For questions about the class or other Hineni programs, please contact Rabbi Debra Rappaport.

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Perspectives on Jewish Masculinity (For All Genders)

One of the many gifts we have received from the Jewish feminist movement is the opening of the question of what it means to be Jewish and masculine, a question posed to all genders. Although there is no official Jewish position on masculinity (thank God!), we have biblical, Rabbinic and Hasidic narratives aplenty to open our eyes to new queries and new ways of thinking. These stories add depth and delight to our summer learning, and everyone loves a good story!

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