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August 14


6:30 PM – 8:30 PM


Under the Tent at Adath Jeshurun Congregation

10500 Hillside Lane, Minnetonka, MN 55305


If you have difficulty accessing the meetings, or have problems with payment, please contact Sofia Flores for assistance. For questions about the class or other Hineni programs, please contact Rabbi Debra Rappaport.

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A Journey of Healing through Comfort in honor of Shabbat Nachamu

One of the most important spiritual challenges we face is the need to sweeten the bitterness that is in us. Bitterness can accumulate within us, even without our knowing it, made from small or large disappointments, regrets, unhealed grief, grudges, anxieties or resentments. That bitterness forms the obstacle to fully stepping onto the Path of Love.
According to the Baal Shem Tov, here are the steps we must take in order to sweeten that bitterness:
  •  Hachna’ah (being humbled, surrendering, Yielding)
  • Havdalah (discerning God’s Presence in the midst of it)
  • Ham’takah (Sweetening our Bitterness)
First we face and taste the bitterness within us, and are humbled by it. Then we look into that bitterness and find the seed of soul-growth. When we focus on that seed and water it with our compassion and awareness, the sweetening begins.
In this workshop of contemplative chant and sacred conversation we will take the journey through comfort from bitterness to sweetening.
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