Midrasha: Jewish Learning for Teens

Midrasha Curriculum

We offer a variety of courses for teenage students looking to deepen their Jewish education.

Parents ultimately don’t have the final word on what kind of Jewish life their children choose as adults, but they do have lots of opportunities to make a difference. “Don’t pass up any chance to keep your Jewish values in the next generation – and the next,” says Rabbi Yosi Gordon.

We invite you to consider enrolling your child at TTSP to help them connect to their heritage, culture, language, and peers and support their growth as Jews and as citizens of the world.

Hebrew Classes

Our Hebrew classes are college-level courses that cover a semester’s material over the course of nine months of study.

Most of our students get advanced placement in college Hebrew classes, and most receive high school credit for their Hebrew language learning.

We offer five levels of Hebrew, from beginner to advanced. New students will take a placement exam before the start of the school year to determine their ability level.

Jewish Learning Electives

Current elective courses include Midrasha’s collaboration with the Mussar Institute, Challenges and Choices, Torah and text studies with both Rabbi Yosi Gordon and Dr. Oren Eubanks-Segal, and an exploration of Israeli film culture with Dr. Segal.

Past courses have ranged in subjects including, but not limited to, music, science, history, social justice, Israel, and current global events.

We understand that not all high-school students can commit to a full year of classes. We offer 6-8 week courses, semester-long courses, and full-year courses to accommodate busy schedules.