Talmud Torah of St. Paul

Where critical thinking
and Jewish values intersect


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What Do You Know About Jewish History? - Dr. Arie Zmora

This course will track events and follow Jewish history, from the time of the Second Temple through Medieval times.


- Artistic Response to the Holocaust - D. Marcos Vital & Eva Rose Cohen

This is an art course in which participants will produce visual art and other expression in response to the art and narrative choices of survivors. Finished work may be displayed as part of a large exhibition that brings together work of teens from the whole Twin Cities.


- Women, Men and the Lies They Tell: Stories from the Talmud - Rabbi Yosi Gordon

The society of the Talmud, 200-600 C.E., was rigid and patriarchal, with domineering Rabbis and their silent wives. But from behind closed doors came stories that challenged and undermined their tightly controlled world, stories of courage, violence, shame, surprise and mystery. We will read and unpack these stories to see how they disrupt standard Jewish views of feminine and masculine, and whether they can provide an unexpected perspective on the fluid contemporary scene of men, women and the lies we tell.


- Judaism and Science…Through a Jewish Lens - Barry Golob

 “I want to know God’s thoughts…the rest is details.” - Albert Einstein  

In this course, we will look at different scientific issues and ethical dilemmas.  Science is concerned with things we CAN do, but as Jews, we also want to know what Jewish text says we SHOULD consider.  Looking at issues through a Jewish lens may open our minds about the way we think and look at many situations.