Talmud Torah of St. Paul

Where critical thinking
and Jewish values intersect


January 9 - February 27, 2019

A collaborative program bringing together Jewish high school students from across St. Paul for fun, food, friendship, community-building, and learning. Each session includes dinner and electives ranging from Judaism and science to Jewish history to Torah study.

Meets at Mt. Zion Temple, Wednesday evenings from 5:45 - 7:30 pm.

TRI II 2019 Electives

The Zionist Revolution and its Visionary Leaders

How, when, and why did Jews around the world find their way to Israel? Over the centuries, Jews believed that only the Messiah will deliver them from oppression and lead them to freedom and independence in The Promised Land. What happened in the 19th century that caused them to embrace Zionism as the solution to the misery of life in the diaspora? How and why was Zionism founded in the most backward countries of Europe and Tsarist Russia? How did Theodore Herzl create political Zionism, and ignite the desire to regain political independence in their ancestral biblical homeland? We will pursue these exciting topics and show their relevance to today's discourse on Zionism and your lives. Taught by Dr. Arie Zmora.

Judaism and Science… Through a Jewish Lens

I want to know God’s thoughts… the rest is details. - Albert Einstein
In this course, we will look at different scientific issues. Science is concerned with things we CAN do, but as Jews, we want to know what we SHOULD do. Looking at these issues and ethical dilemmas through a Jewish lens may open our minds about the way we think and look at things. Taught by Barry Golob.

Israel… What Do You Know… What Do You WANT to Know?

Let’s talk to an Israeli! This elective is based on input from students' interests and inquisitive minds. Learn about these Israelis and their connection to Israel. Facilitated by Tal Dror and Habonim Dror members Hannah, Ariel, and Mina.

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