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The George Kaplan Midrasha


"I have been told that learning a second language is one of the most difficult tasks someone can attempt. This has never been the case while studying Hebrew at Talmud Torah of St. Paul. Aside from an enriched classroom setting and a wide selection of courses, the overall atmosphere of the program is unique with warm and truly knowledgeable teachers that genuinely care about each student's academic development. Overall, my experience at TTSP is one that will continue to guide me as I continue further in my educational career." –Oren (Midrasha student)

8th to 12th graders attend Midrasha from 6:00-9:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Our 9th -12th graders have the opportunity to study Hebrew through the University of Minnesota College in the Schools (CIS) program. They may choose to earn college and/or high school credit. In addition to Hebrew, students have a variety of course offerings to choose from or they can create an independent learning track in consultation with a faculty member. Students in 8th -12th grade may opt to take all or just some of the classes. Any 8th grader enrolled in Hebrew through the Midrasha program may test out of the first level of Hebrew when they enter 9th grade. Testing is done over the summer.


Introducing our Independent Study Option