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TTSP Plant Sale order pickup

It's time for Talmud Torah of St. Paul's Annual Plant Sale! Think spring by purchasing plants from our all-school fundraising event!

Why should you support the plant sale?

  • It is a great fundraiser. Nearly 50% of the funds collected are Talmud Torah donations. This is impressive given that the cost of the plants is comparable to what one pays for at Gerten's Nursery. Gerten's plants are high quality and reliable. The donation amount is tax deductible!

  • In addition to financial support, the fundraising effort will raise visibility of the school in the community, especially critical and vital at this time. Remember that these funds provide the school not only with necessary overhead but also student scholarship funds.

Buying plants is truly a harbinger of spring! Thank you for your support this year for another successful fundraiser!

Dates to Remember:

  • Monday, May 7: Plant pickup at the school