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$210 including studio fees and materials; Sponsor rate: $250, For questions about financial accommodation, please email Rabbi Debra Rappaport at debra.rappaport@ttsp.org


April 28-June 9, 2024


10 AM-12 PM CST


Studio Inside Out
4827 Minnetonka Blvd
St Louis Park, MN 55416


If you have difficulty accessing the meetings, or have problems with payment, please contact Sofia Flores for assistance. For questions about the class or other Hineni programs, please contact Rabbi Debra Rappaport.

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Omer Art for the Heart

The 7-week period of the Omer, the time between the Israelites leaving Egypt (Pesach, Passover) and their receiving Torah at Mt. Sinai (Shavuot), is an opportunity for personal spiritual growth. Each week is associated with a character trait of Divinity—a middah. In this course we will study these holy traits, all of which reside within us, and discover an intention (kavanah) from which to make art. Throughout this period, utilizing a variety of art materials, we will EXPLORE and PLAY, tapping into a greater awareness of our own journey from redemption to revelation.

No art experience necessary. Please bring an art journal. All other supplies will be provided.

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