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July 24, 31
August 7, 21
(note skipping Aug 14)


7 – 8:15 PM CST


Beit HaMidrash at TTSP
768 Hamline Ave South, St. Paul


If you have difficulty accessing the meetings, or have problems with payment, please contact Sofia Flores for assistance. For questions about the class or other Hineni programs, please contact Rabbi Debra Rappaport.

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Over the Line: When One Jew Says to Another, “You Don’t Belong Anymore”

From ancient times to our own, some Jews have been seen by others as having forfeited their place among the Jewish people. Herem, nidui, apikoros, – all terms associated with the charge that someone has violated a crucial aspect of Jewish life. From Korach to Mordechai Kaplan; from Hasidim, and feminists, to current tensions in our communities, some of us have said and done things that have led others to say “Pas nisht!”—you’ve crossed the line. How and why did it happen then…and how and why now? Who draws the line, and what can we learn from this continuing story?

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