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TTSP Plant Sale 2017

PLEASE SUPPORT THE TTSP PLANT SALE! This is an all-school fundraising event (Newman School/TTSP Afternoon School/Midrasha) in which the students solicit their families and neighbors to buy spring plants from them. The orders are in, and plants will be available for pickup Monday, May 8 (just in time for Mother’s Day!). The students receive credit for their sales and there is some small motivational prize for their efforts.

Why should you support the Plant Sale?

  • It is a great win-win fundraiser. Gerten’s plants are high quality and reliable. Gertens provides plants to non-profit organizations (like us!) at a deep discount. Did you know that Talmud Torah receives nearly 50% of the price of each plant sold as “profit”? AND, since we are a 501c3, that “profit” amount is considered a tax deductible donation on your taxes.

  • In addition to financial support, the fundraising effort raises the visibility of the school in the community.

  • Remember that these funds provide the school not only with necessary overhead but also student scholarship funds.

Click here for pictures of the plants. If you have specific questions, please contact Carol via email ([email protected]) or by phone (651-698-8807).


Buying plants is truly a harbinger of spring! Thank you for your support!