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For questions about financial accommodation, please email Rabbi Debra Rappaport at debra.rappaport@ttsp.org


July 22-August 26


7 – 8:15 PM CST


Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants who miss those sessions.


If you have difficulty accessing the meetings, or have problems with payment, please contact Sofia Flores for assistance. For questions about the class or other Hineni programs, please contact Rabbi Debra Rappaport.

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Psalms for Study & Prayer

Saying that the biblical psalms are “great poetry” is often a way of saying, “No one reads them.” We’re going to read selected psalms from the Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls, 1) as fans of good poetry, 2) as sources of theological and spiritual insight, and 3) as texts upon which to carry our most personal prayers and meditations. We hope this three-dimensional reading will enrich the lives of all who come together to learn.

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